Hello world!

Hi all! I’m Faye, aka @winged — welcome to Winged Reads! If you’re here, you’re officially With Me From The Beginning, so feel special (or bored)? I promise the growing pains will wear off shortly.

So what am I doing here? I’ve been meaning to start a book blog for a very long time, honestly, and for me, this year is the year to start it. I’ve been a reader and writer for as long as I was able to do both (and read to, before that), and I thoroughly enjoy reading and reviewing books. More than that though, in the past few years I’ve begun to take a step back and see that there’s not just a joy in reading, but an importance in what books see the light of day and what voices are reviewing them.

To that end, I’ll be highlighting books that I feel like deserve that. Many of them will express a point of view that’s lacking somewhere else: a new twist on an old genre; a sexuality/orientation, race or class, or disabled perspective (especially #ownvoices writing) or other topic rare in the genres I read, etc. Or, I’ll be putting in my own two cents about topics that are close to me in various books. Not all will be brand new, but hopefully I’ll be able to spotlight both popular reads and under-recognized classic or very new indie authors too.

Reviews: I plan to critique as well as spotlight; not every review will be positive! But I do plan to highlight the positives as well as the negatives, overall, because not everyone is me. This is not a mirror of my GoodReads — blog posts here will likely go into slightly more thorough analysis while GoodReads is generally a first, less edited impression. I will always disclaim when something was given to me for free or as a favor.

Lists/Chats: There will definitely be shorter conversation-starters and lists of reads! I hope to get people commenting (politely) here. I want this to be a discussion.

Other Bloggers: I’d love to highlight other writing from around the web discussing books in this way. I think people who write really interesting articles about books should be lifted up, especially when they’re not from the same intersections I am! So you’ll see lots of links on here.

Geekery: I’m a huge nerd, guys. I will not apologize if I get crazy excited about bookish cosplays or cons or cool adaptations. That’ll almost definitely be on here too. Oops/you’re welcome!


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